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In our role of designing tools for ethical thinking while making connected products, we need to work with those who make the products and understand their questions, needs, problems in order to identify the opportunities for which we can design.

As such, we went back to some of our favourite sources about co-creative design.

Convivial Toolbox, by Liz Sanders and Pieter Jan Stappers

  • Co-creation: pulls out creativity from the group
  • Co-design: working on a specific design together
    • Pre-design: finding problem
    • Discovery: opportunity identification, translating research into design
  • Co-creation adds value of the product we design in terms of its use and experience so that it will better meet the needs of our adience


  • Using ambiguity as a tool - blanks in pictures, open ended questions
  • Combining "say / do / make" to engage different parts of the brain throughout the workshop

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