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On Ethics

Our project take as its system of ethics virtue ethics - as opposed to other conceptions of ethics such as deontological ethics or utilitarian ethics, for example. At the same time, as Martha Nussbaum writes, virtue ethics can be considered inside of deontological and utilitarian ethics - as it has overlaps with both of these methods of thinking - overlapping circles.  

Why? Because virtue ethics is closely related to the project's goal of designing tools that enable IOT creators to themselves become ethical thinkers and makers - virtue ethics is about a character evolving over time, rather than specific instances of behaviour. You hold a final good and you aim your actions towards it - evolving into a "good person" because you know the right way to act and choose to act that way. 

Virtue ethics is tightly connected to the social context - in fact, some state that the social context sets the ethical thinking. 

Ethics can come out in moments of choice, in the difficulty of a moral decision - did you make it with strain / against the grain? Or was it easy?

We have many desires - for justice, and yet for care - can we pursue sometimes diverse ends? Can we harmonise these?

  • How difficult was the moral decision?
  • Can diverse ends be harmonized?
  • Ethical decision-making collapses in face of narrow compliance regulation
  • Tools for resistance against data surveillance
  • Questioning the elimination of human interaction
  • Rust: difference between an object as designed and how it will live in the world
  • What happens as the time-scale continues?

IOT + Ethics